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We Eliminate Covid-19, Bacteria, & Viruses To Keep Families & Work Places Safe 

 24 HR Disinfection & Sanitizing Services To Eliminate Covid-19, Bacteria, & Viruses


We Provide Services For These Public Places In Metro Detroit:




For large scale cleaning, disinfecting, & sanitizing jobs, The Sanitizing Guys are here to help serve you.  Using registered disinfectants approved by the CDC and EPA, and following the CDC guidelines for social distancing and proper cleaning standards. Sanitizing Guys can assist you with your large scale projects. Our trained techs provide fast clean up, specialized equipment, and are trained to handle any large scale project.

24/7 Emergency Service Covid-19 Cleaning Throughout Metro Detroit


Sanitizers or Disinfectants kill the microorganisms and other bacteria, usually in two ways. It will either inhibit the growth or will apply lethal action to kill bacteria, and this all is possible using the material which is applicable on virus, bacteria, and fungi to break it down into pieces.  To destroy Bacteria, we need to either kill it or convert it into a smaller size so it cannot be reproduced any further. In order to destroy bacteria, our sanitizer or disinfectant wipes contain highly active materials like isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and ethanol. Along with these, we also consider using ammonium compounds for more effectiveness.

For disinfectant wipes to work properly, we make sure the chemicals stay on the surface for a certain period while cleaning.  In the situation, if the surface is drying before the required cleaning period, it will take more than one wipe to get the job done.

We Provide Sanitizing  Services For:

• Plazas  • Shopping Malls  • Sports Stadiums  • Schools
• Hospitals  • Airports  • Government Buildings  • Playgrounds & Parks  • Public Meeting Places

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